Immersive Sound – Octophony

Immersive Sound – Octophony

Immersive is the ultimate sound experience. It provide the listener with a degree of information that is unprecedent.

It reliese also on the creator to build the materiel in a way that will be adapted to the purpose, driving the artist to fully take into account the perception of the visitor.

We worked with the MEG to install an octophony in the foyer part as long as some hiddent acoustic treatment to offer a transitional space before accessing the exhibition. Mixing on location with the artist was made possible by our transportable recording kit. With software like Nuendo or Protools. The panning and textures were precisely design so that when translating in the final installation most work was done.

We have a ” path ” of 8 loudspeakers in 2 rows that envelope the visitor of the foyer. 8 Kling and Freitag Passio Loudspeaker powered by Lab Gruppen amplifier and a MOTU interface from the computer provides a high quality sound with good textures and spatiality.

The brands we used to bring it all together

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