Post Production Facility – The 21st Century Paradigm

Post Production Facility – The 21st Century Paradigm

The 21st century has seen tremendous progress in media over ip solutions. It has also seen the first big global illness that changed the way of working for more than one people.

We had the opporunity to design the system for a new facility in Ticino that would sustain the coming of other waves of desease, with a very flexible way of working. The idea was that every room can be either recording and editing room and all connected together. From the single recording to the multi mixing, all the floor is connectable.

4 Different network exists outside the wifi: 10G for video, 1G for Eucon, 1G for Dante, and 1G for telephony. With the advance of the network layer in all aspect of data connection, it became possible.

While ProTools is a given in post-production, we had to find a simple DANTE eco-system that would support the different usage. The Rednet serie from focusrite offered us the differents devices we needed.

The main record room is equipped with Neumann U87 going into and MP8R, which is remote controllable directly from ProTools with the PRE protocol. Headphone volume is controlled from an AM2. All the small edit room have an X2P connected to DVS, They can therefore record and be recorded by any other room

Studio 2 is a 5.1 surround with an S4 and MTRX Studio

Edit room 4 is a 5.1 space with a PCIe Rednet going into a Lynx Aurora. Then a bluesky monitoring to drive the 5.1.

The main Studio 1 is equipped with an S6, LCR monitoring complemented with an Atmos system. This gives the venue a large spectre of possibilities to mix from small documentaries to larger fictions. It is also possible to rig that place for double operator by bringing the S4 in there whilst still controlling the studio 2 computer.

RTW monitoring provides precise and trustworthy feedback for the mixers, both in Analog and Dante version.

Data storage is centralized on different NAS provided by QNAP.

The factility is open for booking. And while working there you can experience the amazing scenery and tastes of local products.

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